A charity, charitable organisation, PBO or Public Benefit Organisation is known in Dutch as an Algemeen-Nut-Beogende-Instelling or an ANBI. Under scrutiny from regulators, trustees and supporters, charities must exercise the highest level of financial governance. Specific laws and regulations like the WNT (Standardisation of Top Earners Act), but also directive RJ 640 (not-for-profit organisations) and directive RJ 650 (fundraising organisations) are applicable which make that the handling of the financial and administrative processes of these organisations require specialised expertise.

The effective management and control of finances are one of the most crucial areas for non-profit organisations. Brick Business Services offers specialised administrative services to charitable organisations form accounting to tax and legal compliance in order to assure undisturbed execution of your entities goals without endangering your ANBI status.

As starting a charitable organisation and obtaining the so-called ANBI status is a complicated process, specialist advice and support are essential. Through our affiliation with HVK Stevens we are able to assist you with expert advice in setting up your organisation and achieve the ANBI status. For more information about HVK Stevens and their specialised Charity department, please click here.

As ANBI’s often require audited annual accounts and may require (European ) subsidy audits, Brick Business Services has cooperation with Q Concepts, an audit firm a.o. specialised in charitable organisations.

Through our affiliation with HVK Stevens and Q Concepts, we are able to offer you a turnkey solution, including structuring, administration and audit.

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